RGE 2016 Highlights

The year 2016 marked the fruition of several strategic business initiatives for RGE and our business groups.

Yet, even in the midst of growth, RGE has not forgotten about giving back to the community, supporting the country, and being responsible stewards of the climate.

Some of the highlights include:

  • RGE Chairman Sukanto Tanoto adds fourth “C” – Climate – to RGE’s business philosophy
  • Woodfibre LNG, a subsidiary of Pacific Oil & Gas, receives environmental approval from the Canadian government
  • Woodfibre LNG Export & Guangzhou Gas Group sign LNG Agreement
  • Bracell completes US$1.1 billion privatisation exercise
  • APRIL joins PEFC as international stakeholder member
  • APRIL Group receives Green Award from Indonesian government
  • Asian Agri’s smallholders being the first recipients of the replanting grant of the Indonesian Oil Palm Estate Fund, benefiting 135 smallholder members of the Mulus Rahayu Cooperative

Looking ahead,  2017 will be a year when RGE continues to grow and transform its business. 

Stay tuned to Inside RGE as we continue to bring you a view of life inside RGE and our business groups.