Tanoto Foundation champions sustainable development agenda

Founded by Sukanto Tanoto and his wife Tinah Bingei, Tanoto Foundation fights poverty with three strategic thrusts in Education, Empowerment and Enhancement of Quality of Lives (known as the 3 Es). The Foundation has also forged close partnerships with private sector businesses of various sizes, schools and many other organisations across various countries to champion its 3Es approach to poverty alleviation.

On November 5, 2015, Tanoto Foundation announced it will continue its endeavours as the Foundation works closely with the United Nations in the establishment of a joint secretariat in Indonesia to develop and realise Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the national and provincial levels.

Sustainable Development Goals

Sustainable Development Goals. Source: United Nations.

Partnering UNDP to forward sustainable development agenda

Tanoto Foundation Sustainable Development Goals Joint Secretariat

Tanoto Foundation is now part of the Sustainable Development Goals joint secretariat in Indonesia, in collaboration with UNDP. (Front row: UN Resident Coordinator for Indonesia Douglas Broderick [5th from left], Head of Tanoto Foundation Executive Board Sihol Aritonang [1st from left], Tanoto Foundation Board of Trustees Member Belinda Tanoto [4th from left], BPS-Statistics Indonesia Dr Ali Said [4th from right] and NTU Asst Prof Sonny Rosenthal [3rd from right]).

Its latest collaboration involves partnering the United Nationals Development Programme (UNDP), to forward the sustainable development agenda (which comprises 17 SDGs). This is an opportune time for Tanoto Foundation to contribute.

On top of sharing the same mission, Tanoto Foundation is well-placed to leverage the many years of having executed its range of poverty alleviation and sustainable development activities, to be a member of the secretariat.

In a November 5 event that was part of a week-long Journalism Workshop organised by RGE and Tanoto Foundation, Tanoto Foundation hosted Indonesian journalists from national and local media, Head of Sub Directorate for Statistical Indicators from BPS-Statistics Indonesia Dr Ali Said and the United Nations Resident Coordinator for Indonesia Douglas Broderick.

The discussion at the event touched on many topics, including Indonesia’s sustainability journey, health, rural infrastructure, the challenges of SDGs data collection and their measurement. It was also at this event that Tanoto Foundation announced its involvement in the joint secretariat.

3 Es to fight poverty

Tanoto Foundation has committed substantial resources to systematically improve the quality of and access to education, targeting students, teachers, and infrastructure to holistically create an inclusive and equitable education, while promoting lifelong learning opportunities.

Its empowerment programme leverages the Foundation’s relationship with corporate partners (APRIL, Asian Agri) to raise the living standards of community members, through training, skills diversification and upgrade, technology, income diversification and more.

Lastly, as part of its enhancement programme aimed at raising quality of life, Tanoto Foundation has worked with corporate partners to implement health programmes, improve sanitation facilities and provide clean water. It has also provided support and disaster relief for communities affected by tsunamis, earthquakes and natural disasters.

 Above: Head of Tanoto Foundation Executive Board Sihol Aritonang (left), watched on by Mr Broderick (centre), speaks on Tanoto Foundation’s support of the realisation of Sustainable Development Goals in Indonesia. Follow Tanoto Foundation on Twitter for the latest updates.

SDGs in Indonesia

An SDG panel discussion involving (from left) Mr Aritonang, Dr Ali Said, Mr Broderick, and Dr Rosenthal.

An SDG panel discussion involving (from left) Mr Aritonang, Dr Ali Said, Mr Broderick, and Dr Rosenthal.

Indonesia is one of four countries of focus (others include Colombia, Ghana and Kenya) for the Post-2015 Partnership Platform for Philanthropy, which was set up in April 2015. The Platform will be the medium for NGOs, foundations and governments to collaborate in forwarding the sustainable development agenda. Working with the likes of Tanoto Foundation will provide it with the contextualised insights and framework for the successful implementation of SDGs in Indonesia.

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