Apical Puts Digital Foot Forward

Making further strides in engaging its stakeholders, Apical Group, one of the largest palm oil exporters in Indonesia, launched a newly designed corporate website on 28 September 2018.

A step up from its predecessor, the new website features comprehensive content aimed at serving a variety of stakeholders, reflecting the company’s dedication to engagement and transparency.

A screengrab of Apical’s corporate website.

Apical’s commitments to manufacturing excellence, environmental stewardship and responsible production are spelled out through a wide array of sustainability policies and updates provided on the web portal. It includes information on the palm oil business and industry, as well as a sustainability dashboard that reports on practices, compliances, partnerships, supplier engagement, traceability, peat protection and more.

The site explains at length the use of stakeholder engagement, training, certification and seminars to raise the awareness and standards in sustainability practices. These in turn strengthen the foundations for improved traceability, responsible sourcing, and greater collective ownership of sustainability solutions across the value chain.

Apical’s 2017 sustainability report is also published on the site.

SUSTAINing with a Blockchain Solution

The SUSTAIN allies stand together to leverage blockchain technology for progressive transformation to the industry.

This digital renewal follows the 6 Sep 2018 initiation of a blockchain solution to drive sustainable practices in the palm oil industry, of which Apical and Asian Agri are part. This represents the forward-thinking ethos common across the RGE group of companies, as we respectively seek innovative, collaboration-focused and future-proof solutions that bring impactful outcomes to our communities, countries, climate, and customers.

SUSTAIN, or Sustainability Assurance & Innovation Alliance, is an alliance comprising oil palm growers, palm oil processors, consumer goods manufacturers, not-for-profit organisations and technology leaders. The alliance aims to improve traceability and accelerate the push towards No Deforestation, No Peat, No Exploitation (NDPE) compliance.

Kao, Neste, Daemeter and Proforest are some of the members of the alliance. Also on board is technology partner SAP, whose expertise is called upon to leverage the immutability and other advantages of blockchain technology to encourage industry-level collaboration and progressive transformation in improving market access for palm oil products.


Apical: 12 Sep 2018 News Release on SUSTAIN

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