APR, K.A.L.A Studio Collaborate for ‘Philo Garden’ Eco-Friendly Clothing Collection

As printed in The Jakarta Post with the title “APR, K.A.L.A Studio collaborate for ‘Philo Garden’ eco-friendly clothing collection.”

Sustainable viscose-rayon fiber producer Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) collaborated with Indonesian ready-to-wear fashion label K.A.L.A Studio for an eco-friendly clothing collection, inspired by the contemporary woman who is tough, independent, and strong.

Launched at the Jakarta Fashion Hub on May 27, the collection takes the theme of “Philo Garden,” which depicts a figure with multiple roles and naturally spreads love in all aspects of life, along with representing women who have a positive impact on the surrounding environment.

The ‘Philo Garden’ collection was launched at Jakarta Fashion Hub on May 27, 2023.

This vision aligns with APR’s APR2030 sustainability commitment, which aims to foster Inclusive Prosperity by advancing gender equality and women’s empowerment.

“With this collaboration, we hope to inspire the great women out there while also supporting fashion designers and other local brands to switch to environmentally friendly and easily biodegradable raw materials. This does not only apply to products, but also to consumers, so that together we can take better care of the earth,” said Zoey Rasjid, APR’s Head of Marketing Communication.

The “Philo Garden” collection’s floral muse came from the blushing philodendron (philodendron erubescens) ornamental plant. Drawing from the Greek word “Philo” meaning love, K.A.L.A Studio’s resident illustrator, Dvita Mahendra, skillfully combined different elements to craft three distinctive patterns.

The Blushing Philo pattern showcases a cheerful and light tropical print, while the Night Garden pattern comes with dramatic color play and becomes a parable of the power of a woman who is always able to be a light in the dynamics of life. The Day and Night pattern combines light and dark with a multifunctional striped motif that makes it wearable at all times of the day.

The ‘Philo Garden’ collection comprises of three patterns and seven designs.

In total, the three patterns are utilised across seven designs cut from APR’s viscose-twill as the main material, taking into consideration the breathable nature of the fabric when worn in tropical climates.

Relaxed, easy silhouettes highlight the boldness of the floral motifs, designed for daily day-to-night dressing with pieces such as oversized shirts with matching shorts, puffed sleeve dresses, and a breezy yet refined playsuit.

K.A.L.A Studio CEO Vina Artha Ameilya said the collaboration with APR was borne from a shared vision, particularly in exploring environmentally friendly materials which are becoming increasingly in demand by the market.

“We want to explore environmentally friendly materials, and APR is one of our top choices. APR’s sustainable fashion campaign, which encourages local fashion brands to use eco-friendly materials, is very much in line with our desire to support more sustainable fashion,” said Vina.

APR’s rayon fiber has a soft texture, has high absorption and is versatile or easy to combine with other materials including cotton, wool, or polyester. The use of rayon fiber also supports sustainable fashion due to its renewable and biodegradable qualities.

Along with inviting more fashion ecosystems to promote sustainable fashion, APR is also active in the Everything Indonesia campaign, which invites domestic designers and MSMEs to use products originating from Indonesia.

The APR x K.A.L.A Studio collection can be viewed offline at the Jakarta Fashion Hub and purchased online through the K.A.L.A Studio website.