Woodfibre LNG Selects Bridgemans to Provide Premium Floatel Accommodation for Project Workforce

Bridgemans Services Group (Bridgemans) has been selected to provide on-site workforce accommodation for Woodfibre LNG’s liquified natural gas (LNG) export project near Squamish, BC, beginning spring 2024.

Woodfibre LNG, designed to be the world’s first net zero LNG export facility, chose Bridgemans for its commitment to sustainability and ability to deliver turnkey, safe and secure live-work offshore accommodation for more than 600 workers at the site.

The Bridgemans floatel provides safe and secure accommodations for Woodfibre LNG’s project workforce

“From the start, it’s been a priority to make sure the construction of the Woodfibre LNG facility has as little impact on Squamish as possible and Bridgeman’s expertise in floating accommodation helps make that possible,” said Christine Kennedy, president of Woodfibre LNG. “We look forward to working with Bridgemans to offer the non-local project workforce the most comfortable and sustainable option in workforce accommodation available today.”

Bridgemans will moor the MV Isabelle at the Woodfibre LNG project site, so workers can easily move between the vessel and their workplace. The MV Isabelle underwent an extensive refit of its environmental systems and living, dining, recreation, and gathering areas in Europe and is in the final stages of preparation before being deployed to site in spring 2024.

The Bridgemans floatel is refitted with recreational and gathering areas

The floatel will also offer a wide array of advanced environmental systems including an ultraviolet water purification system, the ability to run on shore hydro power, industrial-sized heat pumps, and sewage treatment that includes ultrafiltration, a low intensity UV unit, and shipping to a waste management facility in BC. In addition, Bridgemans is designing the MV Isabelle to eliminate waste and recycle as much as possible.

“Bridgemans is honored to work with Woodfibre LNG and provide its workforce with a premium live-work experience and dining, relaxation and recreation opportunities that are second to none on Canadian waters,” added Brian Grange, president of Bridgemans.

The MV Isabelle provides the project workforce premium dining and relaxation opportunities

Bridgemans is also providing floatel support and workforce transfers through its Marine Services division.

Social and environmental benefits

Bridgemans floatel and related turnkey services provide important social and environmental benefits for local communities, including those in the Sea-to-Sky corridor. For instance:

  • Floatels alleviate concerns about the impact of temporary workers, including demand on the local housing and rental markets as well as community services.
  • Floatels remove the potential for environmental degradation associated with standard work camps.
  • Floatels are removed after construction ends, leaving no trace behind.
  • Floatels are fully permitted, largely self-contained ecosystems, providing innovative, state-of-the-art sewage, water, heating and power services.
  • Floatel residents will walk to work at Woodfibre and will not depend on crew bus transport.

Working in partnership with Woodfibre LNG and in alignment with the Environmental Assessment Certificate and Squamish Nation Environmental Assessment Agreement, Bridgemans will help ensure the MV Isabelle is a safe and inclusive environment where all crew members, contractors, and residents are accepted, valued and welcomed. Bridgemans also has crew onboard 24-7 to inspect the vessel and ensure fire, water and other safety systems are operable and meet Canadian vessel regulations.