Sukanto Tanoto backs strengthening of cultural exchange and cooperation under One Belt, One Road training programme

Tanoto Foundation founders Sukanto Tanoto and his wife Tinah Bingei Tanoto made a donation to support talent training initiatives between China and countries in the One Belt, One Road development framework.

The donation of RMB 100 million donation (USD 15.5 million) will, over the next ten years, help strengthen cultural exchange, improve connectivity and cultivate cooperation among countries.

Benefiting communities and nations

Sukanto Tanoto speaks at Boao Forum signing ceremony

RGE Chairman Sukanto Tanoto shares with Boao Forum delegates RGE’s business presence in China and making strides in sustainable development.

A recognised business leader with philanthropic activities spanning Southeast Asia and also China, Tanoto Foundation founder and Board of Trustees Chairman Sukanto Tanoto continues to emphasise the importance of cross-cultural understanding for the development and mutual benefit of communities and nations.

The backing of training initiatives under the One Belt, One Road framework will go a long way to support member countries, which include those in Southeast Asia, through the creation and realisation of growth opportunities.

This contribution is also in tandem with Tanoto Foundation’s focus on poverty alleviation. Strengthened international business collaboration and sustained economic growth can bring about wider positive socio-economic impact. Such positive changes are seen in Pangkalan Kerinci, in which RGE companies operate.

Tinah Bingei Tanoto: RGE as responsible global corporate citizen

Mrs Tinah Bingei Tanoto spoke at the Boao Forum for Asia signing ceremony March 25, 2016, expressing her gratitude to be able to participate and make the donation. She said:

As an international business, RGE strives to be a responsible global corporate citizen that continues to demonstrate sustainable business leadership. RGE will turn 50 next year, and we hope that through this donation, we can play a role to foster stronger collaboration and growth.

Sukanto Tanoto on ‘One Belt, One Road’

Mr Sukanto Tanoto, RGE (Royal Golden Eagle) founder and Chairman, also spoke.

Acknowledging weak global economic growth and China’s economic influence, Mr Tanoto remains confident in China’s economic development because of its strong fundamentals.

Mr Sukanto Tanoto said that supporting developments like ‘One Belt, One Road’ will strengthen cultural understanding, collaboration, and sustainable development, benefiting not only businesses but also communities, countries and the climate.

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Mr and Mrs Sukanto Tanoto present a cheque to support One Belt, One Road talent training programmes.

Mr and Mrs Sukanto Tanoto present a cheque to support One Belt, One Road talent training programmes.