RAPP’s Dr Abdul Gafur among Top 500 Researchers
RAPP researcher Dr Abdul Gafur

RAPP researcher Dr Abdul Gafur

PT Riau Andalan Pulp and Paper’s (RAPP) Abdul Gafur is in Webometrics’ Top 500 Researchers in Indonesian Institutions, based on data collected in the fourth week of February 2015 from the public profiles of researchers working in Indonesian institutions.

Being the only industrial representative in a list dominated by government and university based researchers, 206-ranked Dr Gafur credits RAPP’s strong support and the guidance provided by his superiors as factors behind this achievement.


Acacia mangium sapling

Acacia mangium sapling

Dr Gafur’s research focuses on the management of pests and diseases in acacia and eucalypt plantations. His key findings include the materials tolerant to Ganoderma root rot disease, and the isolation of endophytic Trichoderma isolates, which are effective against root rot pathogens. His research plays a crucial role in developing tolerant plant materials and effective biocontrol agents.

His previous assignments included the exploration of plant-microbe interactions at the biochemical level; investigating the nature of fungicide resistance in the Ascomycete fungi at the DNA level; and understanding the genetics of white rust resistance in Brassica rapa.

Having spent more than 11 years at RAPP, Dr Gafur heads the Plant Health Programme.

In an interview with Riauterkini, Dr Gafur said that a rewarding sense of accomplishment is keenly felt whenever research benefits the company, environment and community. Dr Gafur encouraged younger researchers to publish more. He said this not only raises the standard of research and development (R&D) in RAPP, but also continues to positively impact its operations.

RAPP is a company under APRIL, which is part of RGE’s group of companies. RAPP and Dr Gafur’s achievements reflect RGE’s continuing commitment to R&D and innovation. R&D is an essential component to our commitment to responsible and sustainable development, deriving cost and energy efficient solutions and processes.

Congratulations Dr Gafur!

RAPP's Dr Abdul Gafur and his team

RAPP’s Dr Abdul Gafur and his team

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