RGE: Operating at the heart of sustainability

RGE‘s global business groups operate with a clear vision, guided by the 5Cs principle – Good for Community, Country, Climate, Customer and Company –  and our Sustainability Framework. Our commitment lies in setting science-based, measurable targets that align with the UN SDGs and overarching global sustainability trends. Serving as pioneers in the bioeconomy, we place our primary focus on addressing climate change, enhancing human capital, fostering community development, and safeguarding the environment.

Our 2030 targets are strategically structured to prioritise prevention of deforestation, reducing carbon emissions, and embracing net-zero initiatives. Moreover, we actively engage in supporting biodiversity and conservation projects, and continually invest in technological transformations to cultivate circular operations, working in close collaboration with stakeholders to uplift neighbouring communities to ensure progress remains inclusive and comprehensive.

Ultimately, RGE’s sustainability commitments are far-reaching, operate at large scale, and aim to deliver a positive impact on climate, nature and communities. RGE is proud to showcase the annual sustainability reports from each of our business groups.


In its pursuit of purpose-driven sustainability, APRIL Group’s collective efforts encompass dedicated employees, contractors, supportive shareholders, valued partners, and the communities in which our operations thrive. Committed to delivering a positive impact on climate, nature, and society, we will expand our business while upholding the foundational 5Cs principle, prioritising community welfare, environmental stewardship, customer satisfaction, national interests, and corporate well-being.

The 2022 Sustainability Report underscores our team’s expertise and tireless dedication. Progress toward our APRIL2030 commitments, spanning Climate Positivity, Thriving Landscapes, Inclusive Progress, and Sustainable Growth, is detailed, along with notable improvements in disclosure and ratings. Investments in renewable energy, a substantial solar energy target, and continued support for Indonesia’s forestry goals align with our Climate Positive commitment. Empowering communities, upholding human rights, investing in sustainability, and responsible wood sourcing remain integral to our pledge. Looking ahead to 2023 and beyond, we aim to sustain momentum, fulfil our conservation commitments, and advance peatland science, all underpinned by our unwavering commitment to purpose-led action.

Asia Pacific Rayon

APR is proud to present its 2022 Sustainability Report, titled “Renewable Fibre, Sustainable Future.” This report encapsulates APR’s steadfast commitment to creating value for our stakeholders, fostering innovation in sustainable fibre manufacturing, and establishing the Indonesian textile industry as a globally-recognised producer of viscose staple fibre (VSF). Two years into our journey, we take immense pride in the remarkable progress achieved toward our 2030 sustainability goals, including significant reductions in emissions and advancements in circularity. Collaborative initiatives and partnerships, such as waste recycling programs and textile innovation, underscore our dedication to sustainability.

Looking forward, we aim to foster a market for sustainably produced VSF, support Indonesia’s textile industry growth, and establish a comprehensive national roadmap for sustainable development. In partnership with Rantai Tekstil Lestari (RTL), we are bridging Indonesian and international standards, promoting sustainable fabrics to the growing segment of young consumers and empowering local communities. We envision APR as a catalyst for a shared vision that benefits all stakeholders in our value chain, strengthening our global competitiveness while championing sustainability.


Sateri’s 2022 Sustainability Report marks the 20th anniversary of Sateri Group’s founding and the third year since the release of our 2030 Sustainability Vision. In the face of a changing business environment and the pressing issue of global warming, we achieved significant milestones by introducing All for Zero® zero-carbon fibres under our flagship brands EcoCosy®, FINEX, and Lyocell. The FINEX variant notably increased recycled content from 20% to an impressive 50%, contributing to the circular economy. Collaborations with renowned brands facilitated the creation of sustainable products, promoting sustainability in the traditional textile sector. Our commitment to environmental responsibility has led to progress in renewable energy adoption, energy efficiency, waste reduction, and contributions to biodiversity conservation, particularly at China’s Poyang Lake.

Looking ahead, we are dedicated to setting higher industry standards and advocating for sustainability across the entire value chain, emphasising innovation and responsible production to shape a more sustainable future.

Asian Agri

Asian Agri is privileged to showcase its 2022 Sustainability Report, highlighting its commitment to sustainable practices in the palm oil industry. This marks the third consecutive year of annual reporting, demonstrating our dedication to transparency and environmental responsibility. The report outlines the Asian Agri 2030 (AA2030) commitments, structured around four pillars: Smallholder Partnership, Inclusive Growth, Climate Positive, and Responsible and Sustainable Production. These pillars guide our efforts in reducing emissions, empowering smallholders, promoting inclusive growth, and improving operational efficiency. Notably, we conducted a comprehensive carbon footprint assessment to work towards becoming a net-zero emissions company from land use by 2030. Asian Agri emphasises sustainability standards, eco-friendly practices, and technological advancements in its operations. Our dedication to consumer safety is evident through the separation of food-grade and non-food-grade oil and investments in waste recovery. We also focus on Research and Development to enhance plant breeding techniques for higher yields and sustainability.

Asian Agri is committed to integrating sustainability into our business strategy, recognising challenges as opportunities for growth and a sustainable future.


The main theme of Apical’s 2022 Sustainability Report is “Fostering Inclusivity”. We firmly believe that meaningful collaboration with stakeholders, suppliers, and communities is pivotal to achieving our sustainability goals. Our Apical2030 commitment revolves around four key pillars: Transformative Partnerships, Climate Action, Green Innovation, and Inclusive Progress. Our business model promotes a circular economy while meeting the demand for high-quality palm oil from our customers. Integrated operations ensure rigorous quality standards, efficient conversion of waste and residual oil into biodiesel, and support for smallholders through the SMILE program. Facing industry challenges, fostering inclusivity becomes even more crucial, underscoring our belief that progress requires close collaboration and conversations.

Under Apical2030, we’ve achieved milestones such as exceeding our traceability verification goal and making strides in climate action, green innovation, and inclusive progress, working diligently to meet our ambitious targets. As industry leaders, we’re fully committed to responsible palm oil production that generates positive impacts on a large scale.


Bracell’s 2022 Sustainability Report gives a strong insight on the positive impact that Bracell has had on the environment and society. A notable accomplishment was introducing our One-for-One Commitment, preserving one hectare of native vegetation for each hectare of planted eucalyptus, enabling us to reach 82% of our goal in the first year. We also joined TNFD Brazil’s Action for Nature Platform and have continued to sequester carbon in our eucalyptus plantations and native vegetation areas, removing 43,389,968 tCO2e in 2022. We invested in new flexible production lines, increased specialty sales, improved logistics, and began construction of a new paper production facility. Sustainability is a core part of our mission, with long-term sustainability goals aligned with the UN’s SDGs. Our One-for-One Commitment, biodiversity initiatives, and TNFD participation are important milestones.

Bracell is proud to showcase that the results reported are verified by an external party. We are also delighted to share the launch of our Diversity in Action Program, aimed at improving inclusivity within the company.

Asia Symbol

Asia Symbol is pleased to present its 2022 Sustainability Report, showcasing our ongoing commitment to sustainable practices. In 2022, we achieved ‘National Green Factory’ recognition for Asia Symbol Shandong and Asia Symbol Guangdong, reflecting our dedication to green initiatives and sustainability. We also introduced environmentally friendly products like carbon-neutral ivory board, copy paper, and offset paper, aligning with industry sustainability trends. We invested more than 150 million yuan in social welfare initiatives, which has made a positive impact on our community. Our employees contributed nearly 50,000 hours of volunteer service, highlighting our commitment to social responsibility. Despite ongoing challenges, our operating revenue reached a record 21.72 billion yuan in 2022, contributing strongly to local economic development. Our focus remains on high-quality development, expanding our product range and the industrial chain to meet changing market demands. We also emphasised green transformation by improving resource efficiency, reducing energy consumption, and enhancing environmental standards, resulting in our ‘National Green Factory’ awards. We continue to prioritise employee well-being, training, and community engagement as part of our commitment to sustainable practices.

Asia Symbol remains dedicated to creating value for the Community, Country, Climate, Customer, and the Company. We aim to be a leading enterprise in China’s pulp and paper industry, promoting modernisation and contributing to the nation’s development, while upholding our core values and sustainability vision.

Pacific Canbriam Energy

Pacific Canbriam introduced the 2022 Sustainability Update that underscores the company’s unwavering commitment to sustainable resource development. The report outlines progress in four key sustainability pillars: Climate and Ecosystem Protection, Transformative Indigenous Partnerships, Inclusive Development, and Responsible Governance. Some of our notable achievements include a reduction in emissions intensity, environmentally friendly practices such as water recycling, and advancing Indigenous partnerships. We also emphasise our dedication to inclusivity and its role in the low carbon economy by partnering with organisations in the communities where we operate, supporting initiatives relating to education, wellbeing, culture and the environment.

Pacific Canbriam aspires to lead the low carbon economy by adhering to global standards and challenging industry norms. We recognise the responsibility in addressing climate change, supporting reconciliation, and meeting global energy demand. While proud of our progress, we acknowledge the journey ahead, committing to responsible natural gas production and continued collaboration with Indigenous Rights Holders and stakeholders in the evolving energy landscape for a more sustainable future.