Winners of RGE55 Photo Contest

As RGE celebrated 55 years in business, members of the RGE family worldwide were invited to take part in the ‘It Starts with Me’ photo contest, a contest that challenged everyone to think about how they can do something on their job that can be GOOD for Community, Climate, Country, Customer and Company. Close to 1,000 entries were received from the various RGE business groups worldwide, demonstrating the sheer enthusiasm and creativity of all staff, as they put thought into how they can contribute to RGE’s next lap of growth.

After much deliberation, the top 12 entries were selected, coming from different operating regions across the world. These 12 entries, which depict everyday moments in the lives of our co-workers, emerged as the entries that embody RGE’s core values and aspirations as it enters a new golden era of growth.

The top 12 winning entries were displayed during the RGE55 celebration event in Singapore in November, attended by more than 450 senior leaders and staff from around the world. Here are the 12 winning entries.

Kesuma Wijaya
Asian Agri
Supporting Global Climate Goals

Asian Agri has 10 biogas plants at its mills, which convert organic palm waste into clean renewable energy. This helps advance the company’s progress towards 100% use of renewables, in line with Asian Agri 2030 sustainability targets and the Indonesian Government’s climate goals.

Jonathan de Oliviera Neves
Forestry Operations Start in the Nursery

Bracell has a nursery production capacity of 80 million seedlings per year across five nurseries – two in Bahia state and three in São Paulo. Bracell’s nurseries are an essential component of its overall forestry operations, providing high quality seedlings for the company’s plantations.

Dochlas Sianturi
Protecting Landscape from Fire

APRIL Group has implemented a strict ‘No Burn’ policy since it began operations in 1993. APRIL continues to invest in fire suppression resources including fire monitoring towers, closed-circuit television cameras, as well as satellite hotspot monitoring data.

Qiao Xiao Qiao
Asia Symbol
Quality Control in Action

Asia Symbol has a complete quality management system that conforms to the ISO9001 standard, runs through the entire product life cycle and covers all elements impacting product quality. The company has introduced intelligent systems for inspection and provides ongoing training to production workers to continuously raise the level of product quality.

Muhammad Cahyo Nugroho
Driving the Green Energy Transition

As Indonesia’s second-largest biodiesel producer, Apical has allocated 80% of its production to support the country’s target to increase the use of biodiesel as a clean, alternative energy source. Through its B30 Programme, Indonesia became the first country in the world to commit to use 30% biodiesel as the standard at fuel pumps.

Christiano Wiltgen
Training the Next Generation of Firefighters

Bracell invests heavily in its fire prevention and response capabilities. The company provides ongoing training to fire-fighting personnel, in order to mitigate the risk of fire in its own concessions and in surrounding areas. This complements Bracell’s community based fire prevention initiatives.

Wang Zhi
Asia Symbol
Continuous Improvement in Productivity

Asia Symbol has become one of the largest manufacturers of fine paper in China, and also produces kraft pulp, dissolving pulp, liquid packaging board, and high-grade ivory board for international and domestic markets. The company invests considerable resources in process engineering to improve overall productivity and minimise downtime, while efficiently managing costs.

George Setiawan Kusuma
100% Renewable Energy of Viscose

Asia Pacific Rayon (APR) produces 100% natural and biodegradable viscose rayon used in textile products that are exported around the world. APR has operated on 100% renewable energy since 2020.

Qiu Fan
Pacific Energy
Clean Power, Clean Production

Pacific Energy is actively involved in developing large-scale clean power projects in China. The company developed the 780 MW CCGT power plant in Xiamen and is in the process of developing other clean power projects in eastern China. Pacific Energy’s new clean power projects are based on industry best practices and a rigorous focus on equipment maintenance and worker safety.

Tanoto Foundation
Preparing Today’s Teachers, Tomorrow’s Leaders

Through its PINTAR program, which means ‘clever’ or ‘smart’ in Indonesian, Tanoto Foundation enhances basic education in Indonesia by improving teaching quality in schools. Tanoto Foundation works with partner schools to create local and regional centers of excellence, then partners with government, teacher training institutes and associations to spread best practices.

Firman Muda Harahap
Plantations Start with the Best Seeds

APRIL Group’s nurseries are key to the effective management of the company’s forestry operations across 447,984 hectares of plantations. The nurseries are responsible for the production of approximately 200 million new saplings per year across owned and supplier concessions.

Cai Xiao Lin
Quality as a Guiding Principle

Sateri believes that product quality is the foundation of the company’s development and success. To demonstrate this commitment, Sateri continues to strengthen quality regulations across its production, manufacturing and energy operations.

These photos will be featured in RGE’s 2023 calendar. Look out for them soon!