Asia Symbol unveils world’s first paper product with both CFCC & PEFC logos

Asia Symbol, a world leading producer of pulp and paper, unveiled in June 2015 the world’s first copy paper product to bear both the CFCC and PEFC logos. This marks an important milestone in its sustainable development journey.

The premium PaperOne 85g copy paper has a distinct red packaging to commemorate this achievement.  This adds to the list of certifications PaperOne already boasts.

Discerning users of paper will be assured to know that the unprecedented double logo display indicates that the paper comes from responsible, environmentally sustainable and non-controversial sources.

PEFC certification

PaperOne is PEFC (Programme for the Endorsement of Certification) certified Sustainable Forest Management (SFM) and Chain of Custory (CoC).

The SFM certification recognises operations that maintain a forest’s ecological, social and economic values via environmentally appropriate, socially beneficial and economically viable management of forests and present and future generations.

The CoC certification acknowledges that every step of the supply chain from forest to customer complies with local, national and international legislation.

CFCC Certification

The China Forest Certification Scheme was endorsed by PEFC in 2014, in recognition of the country’s important position in the forest products value chain and its substantial forest area.

The China Forest Certification Council is the highest administrative body of the China Forest Certification Scheme. The Council is represented by members from the government, scientific institutions and institutions of higher learning, manufacturing enterprises and non-governmental organisations.

Asia Symbol management team with industry stakeholders

Asia Symbol management team lead by Business Director Hsu Chung Chen (3rd from right), with industry stakeholders., comprising  CFCC Chairperson and Executive Deputy Director General of Science and Technology Development Center of the State Forestry Administration Wang Wei, and PEFC China Initiative Director Benson Yu (4th from left).

Asia Symbol’s contributions in promoting sustainable forest management

The commemorative red PaperOne with both PEFC and CFCC logos displayed.

The commemorative red PaperOne with both PEFC and CFCC logos displayed.

Business Director of Asia Symbol (Guangdong) Hsu Chung Chen (pictured above, third from right) observed that consumers are now only on concerned about quality and price of paper, but conscious of how paper products are derived from sustainably managed forests and environmentally responsible companies. He added:

The CFCC and PEFC certification demonstrates that Asia Symbol has made due contributions in promoting sustainable forest management, and the certification will help us to develop the market and win consumer recognition and support.

Asia Symbol’s milestone sets a good example for paper-making companies in the Chinese industry. It also marks China’s ascent in the production of sustainability-certified paper products for global consumption – a “green passport” ( 绿色通行证 ).