Asia Symbol 2030 Launched – Towards Growth that is Circular, Low-Carbon, Inclusive & Synergetic

Asia Symbol, a world leading producer of pulp and paper, has launched its 2030 Sustainability Targets – a firm indication of the company’s strategic growth in the next 10 years. 

Announced on 30 Nov 2020, the 2030 Sustainability Targets are anchored on four key pillars:

  • Circular growth
  • Low-carbon growth
  • Inclusive growth
  • Synergetic growth

The key targets include:

  1. Continuously reduce the environmental footprint, to achieve 30% reduction in water use, 30% reduction in air emissions, and zero solid waste to landfill;
  2. Improve the efficiency of resource utilization, to achieve more than 95% water reused;
  3. Reduce 30% GHGs emissions and increase the share of renewable and clean energy to 95%;
  4. Ensure the safety of employees, Lost-time Injury frequency < 0.5 reached;
  5. Provide continuous development working environment, Individual Development Plan created for 100% employees, while achieve 30% employee representation of women;
  6. Averagely at least 4 volunteer hours each employee per year;
  7. 100,000 students supported by education projects while 1 Million people benefited in our communities by designed community development projects;
  8. Actively promote responsible forest management and cooperate with our suppliers to promote the sustainability development of the supply chain, to achieve 100% chips source from responsibly managed forest, 100% pulp traceability and 100% key suppliers auditing based on systematic risk assessment practices.

Asia Symbol 2030

Supporting The SDGs

Asia Symbol‘s commitments are in support of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), which represent a universal call-to-action to systematically address global social, economic and environmental challenges by 2030, and achieve sustainable development.

Chen Xiaorong, Head of Asia Symbol Management Committee, said, “SDGs are the global development goals. As a company, we must contribute to its realisation. Asia Symbol 2030 Sustainability Targets will guide our development for the next 10 years. We firmly believe these commitments will contribute to a circular and low carbon future and better meet the expectations of our stakeholders.” 

Following this announcement, Asia Symbol will develop a specific roadmap and action plan to deliver on its identified targets. Progress towards Asia Symbol Sustainability Targets for 2030 will be reported in the company’s sustainability report and official website.

Details of Asia Symbol 2030 may be access on the Asia Symbol website.