APRIL2030 – Realising the SDGs in Indonesia

Can a company transform its business while also having a positive impact on climate, nature and people? APRIL Group believes this is possible.

On 17 Nov 2020, the company announced APRIL2030,  its vision for meeting the challenges of the next decade. APRIL2030 is comprised of four commitments with 18 ambitious yet measurable science-based targets – Climate Positive, Thriving Landscape, Inclusive Progress and Sustainable Growth. Details may be found on the APRIL2030 microsite.

Realising Indonesia’s Sustainable Development Goals

APRIL2030 was announced at the new SDG Academy Indonesia at the Tanoto Foundation Building in Jakarta, Indonesia. 

Supporting the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in Indonesia, APRIL2030 targets a drastic reduction of carbon emissions to achieve net zero emissions from land use and a 25% cut in product carbon emissions. The company also commits to net zero loss of protected areas, zero extreme poverty across communities within proximity of its operations, and measurable gains in biodiversity and ecosystem benefits in the conservation and restoration areas under its active management.

At the launch, APRIL announced five new initiatives and partnerships that contribute to specific targets and the delivery of APRIL2030. They include an Extended Commitment to Forest Conservation and Restoration; supporting Wildlife Protection; a Tropical Peatland Science Hub; 20MW solar panels by 2025; and the Science-Based Target Initiative (SBTi).

Above: The APRIL2030 Virtual Launch on 17 Nov 2020

The APRIL2030 announcement comes five years after its SFMP 2.0 announcement and almost two years since the company commenced its SDGs prioritisation project.

APRIL’s SDGs prioritisation involved a robust process in which its prioritised goals were grouped into core, catalytic and contributory categories. The initiative was grounded in the alignment of APRIL’s operations with those goals where it can continue to have the greatest impact at local, national and international levels, in line with the company’s sustainability commitments.

The United Nations SDGs provide a holistic framework upon which APRIL mobilises efforts to create value for the community, country, climate, customers, and the company. Through APRIL2030, APRIL seeks to achieve measurable targets in the next decade, which will help communities and Indonesia realise the SDGs.

APRIL2030 Launch Event Photos

APRIL2030 Launch and Conference at Tanoto Foundation Building

Anderson Tanoto launches APRIL2030

APRIL Group Sustainability Director Lucita Jasmin APRIL2030

PT RAPP President Director Sihol Aritonang APRIL2030

APRIL2030 Erik Solheim Praveen Singhavi Anderson Tanoto

Anderson Tanoto Bambang Hendroyono

APRIL2030 Anderson Tanoto RGE Director

Above: A summary of  APRIL2030 commitments.

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