Asia Symbol Wins CSR Award for Excellence in Supporting Educational Development

For its outstanding corporate social responsibility and excellence in supporting educational development, Asia Symbol clinched the 2018 Chinese Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Award at the 2018 14th China Extraordinary Corporate Citizen Annual Awards Ceremony. The award was presented by the China Committee of Corporate Citizenship, an authority on CSR in China.

Held in Beijing on 12 November 2018, the event honoured companies of exemplary corporate citizenship. Business and state leaders, scholars, corporate social responsibility delegates, and representatives from public and private enterprises made up the 150-plus attendees.

Asia Symbol first launched its education development project in 2014, aptly called Limin Xingjiao, a poetic abbreviation referring to promotion of education for the benefit of the community. Comprising a variety of initiatives that also include teacher training, cultural and sporting activities, and scholarships, the project supports the development of community schools.

With a larger injection of investments from Asia Symbol, the project expanded its scope in 2017 to cover over 30 schools in Rizhao City, benefiting more than 70,000 students and teachers from the community. Asia Symbol has since earned the distinction of serving the largest number of beneficiaries in cultural and educational development in the city. These efforts and achievements are well in line with three tenets of the company’s Sustainability Policy: Share value creation, energy saving and environmental protection, and employee and community care.

The CSR Award received by Asia Symbol.

The award is just one in a line of achievements earned by the pulp and paper producer for its sustainability and CSR efforts. Asia Symbol has previously been recognised for improving environmental awareness and education in the community. It won the GoldenBee Award for its CSR Report and earned a Best CSR Communication Award for its Urban Sewage Reuse Project in 2015. Its 2011-launched “Yuanmeng Programme”, a vocational training programme that has to-date benefited over 300 students from disadvantaged families, bagged the Social Responsibility Practice Excellence Award in the 2016 CSR China Education Awards. 

The 14th China Extraordinary Corporate Citizen Annual Awards Ceremony was attended by over 150 delegates.

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