Asia Symbol Organises Tree-Planting Activity in Shandong Mill

Asia Symbol, a leading producer of pulp and paper established in China, recently held a voluntary tree-planting activity near their pulp and paper mill in Shandong (Rizhao).

Organized by the Asia Symbol Shandong (ASSD) Employee Volunteers Association, the event saw more than 50 employees participating in the event that saw more than 500 new trees being planted in the area.

Besides contributing to the environment and enhancing Asia Symbol employees’ collective responsibility towards environmental protection, the tree-planting activity is also meant to help beautify the areas surrounding the mill.

Asked about the appearance of the non-leafy trees, Zhou Wenlong, Head of the ASSD Employee Volunteers Association and tree-planting organiser said, “Don’t let their frail appearance deceive you. As we are in the winter season, these trees are currently in dormancy – a process similar to hibernation. In a few months, they will be flourishing with new branches and green leaves.”

Asia Symbol organizes similar tree-planting activities several times during the year as a way to contribute to Rizhao’s bid towards becoming a green city – electing to plant trees which not only grow tall and fast, but which also thrive for a long time.

“The tree-planting volunteer activity not only protects the environment and makes our mill more beautiful, it also demonstrates our enthusiasm in practising the RGE Core Values of ‘Complementary Team’ and ‘Ownership’”, said Zhou.

“It also showcases the youthful spirit of our staff, and encourages our staff to care for the mill as a family.”

Asia Symbol has always been committed to sustainable development and manufacturing practices, employing the latest technology to save energy and operate in harmony with the environment.

Established in 2005, Asia Symbol has an annual production of two million tons of pulp, one million tons of fine paper, and 530,000 tons of paper board at its plants in the Shandong (Rizhao) and Guangdong (Xinhui) provinces in China.

The plant in Rizhao operates the world’s largest single pulp production line with modern technology which keeps its emission levels far below the limits set by the Chinese government.

The company also abides by the RGE 5Cs of doing business – operating in a manner which is good for the community, good for the country, good for the climate, good for the customer, and good for the company. 

Asia Symbol commits to the well-being of the people in the community by investing in projects such as building schools and a public library, and awarding scholarships to students. It empowers the community by conducting skill workshops and supporting local businesses.

Asia Symbol Shandong