RGE Celebrates 55 Years In Business

RGE marked its 55th anniversary with a series of events over three days in Singapore from November 5 to 7, 2022.  Attended by more than 450 senior leaders and staff from around the world, the anniversary programme highlighted the extraordinary growth of RGE since it was set up by Chairman Sukanto Tanoto in 1967, with a special emphasis on its remarkable achievements over the past five years.

From its early days as an automotive spare parts provider in Medan, Indonesia, RGE has dramatically expanded to become a global powerhouse in the resources and commodities sectors. RGE is a global leader across all of its key business areas, from pulp and paper (APRIL, Bracell, Asia Symbol) and palm oil (Asian Agri, Apical) to viscose fibre (Asia Pacific Rayon, Sateri) and clean energy (Pacific Energy).

The central elements of the anniversary activities included a series of learning and development workshops, the screening of a one-hour documentary highlighting RGE’s progress over the last five years, and a gala dinner at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

Anderson Tanoto, Managing Director, RGE, pictured at one of the RGE55 workshops

RGE Managing Directors Imelda Tanoto and Belinda Tanoto participating remotely at RGE55

The L&D workshops focused on a number of key areas for RGE, including human capital development, digital transformation and customer focus. The purpose of the workshops was for leaders to share updates on the company’s goals and priorities in these areas, while also highlighting important regional and global trends.

Tey Wei Lin, President, RGE, addressing the crowd at RGE55

Praveen Singhavi, President, APRIL Group pictured at one of the RGE55 workshops

To mark RGE’s continued commitment to employee engagement and development, the agenda also included a core values workshop. RGE continues to run its operations in line with the 5Cs philosophy – good for the community, country, climate and customer, and only then will it be good for the company. The workshop featured case studies from employees from across different business groups on particular programs and initiatives aligned with RGE’s core values.

The RGE55 documentary, entitled ‘Golden New Era,’ highlighted the beginnings of RGE, and then profiled the group’s significant development since its RGE50 celebrations in 2017.  The documentary also highlighted key milestones, such as the completion of the world’s largest and greenest pulp mill, Project Star in Brazil, and the ongoing development of the company’s operations across its business groups.

From a social perspective, the agenda included an ‘ICBC’ dinner – representative of the group’s operations across its key markets in Indonesia, China, Brazil and Canada – and then a gala celebration on the final evening. The final evening provided staff and their spouses the opportunity to enjoy a unique evening visit to the famed Flower Dome at Gardens by the Bay.

At the gala dinner, RGE Chairman Sukanto Tanoto noted the importance of continuous improvement and learning as key elements of RGE’s success. “Let us remain humble and continue to learn and push ourselves to the next frontier. Life is a never-ending learning journey. Let’s be open to try different ways to do things, to discover new insights, to develop new products of value to customers.”

Sukanto Tanoto, Chairman, RGE, speaking at the RGE55 gala dinner

RGE leaders at the gala dinner with copies of the book on the company’s 55 years in business

RGE colleagues at Gardens by the Bay to celebrate RGE55