RGE Marks 20th Anniversary of Return to China

RGE recently held a programme of events to mark the 20th anniversary of the company’s return to China, while also celebrating the 55 years since RGE was originally founded. The programme included themed workshops on different aspects of the business, multi country food tasting sessions, and an exhibition of business groups’ achievements.

Held over October 20-22 with the theme ‘The Future Starts Here’, the events were attended by RGE leaders, includiong Sukanto Tanoto, Founder and Chairman, RGE, Belinda Tanoto, Managing Director, RGE China, Tey Wei Lin, President, RGE, and Mi Wei Dong, President, RGE China, as well as around 300 employees from different business groups in China.

Speaking at the celebratory dinner, the Chairman reviewed RGE’s history in China. RGE remains committed to using high quality renewable resources to manufacture products for the Chinese market in a responsible and sustainable way, he said. To achieve global synergy, RGE is transforming its businesses in China into integrated complexes, with five industrial parks in Liyang, Rizhao, Jiujiang, Xinhui and Rugao currently being developed, he added.

Sukanto Tanoto, Chairman, RGE, speaking at the anniversary celebrations of RGE in China

The Chairman also said that RGE would leverage its upstream resources across the globe to actively expand its downstream business and would further develop its B2C business in China. In conclusion, the Chairman said the progress that RGE has achieved in China would not have been possible without the guidance of the company’s core values. He expressed gratitude for the resilience and dedication shown by employees during difficult times, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Belinda Tanoto, Managing Director, RGE China, also shared her thoughts on the development of RGE China. RGE would always closely follow the development strategy of the Chinese government and lead the green development of the industry through technological innovation, she said.

Belinda Tanoto, Managing Director, RGE China, addressing the RGE China anniversary event

She added that RGE would continue to support China’s ‘Dual Carbon’ goals and the transformation of the country’s energy infrastructure. In line with the company’s 5 C’s philosophy – Good for Community, Good for Country, Good for Climate, Good for Customer and Good for Company – and the company’s core values of TOPICC , RGE would continue to forge ahead to embrace the coming golden era.

To help illustrate RGE’s achievements to date in China, a panel discussion was held, which featured a number of leaders including: Tey Wei Lin, President, RGE; Steven Hung, Managing Director, Asia Symbol (Guangdong); Max Chen, Managing Director, Asia Symbol (Shandong); Hu Wei, China Tissue & Personal Care Business Head; Wang Jianguo, Director, Pacific Energy China Energy Committee; and Allen Zhang, President, Sateri. During the discussion, the leaders were able to share their thoughts on the progress achieved by RGE in China over the last two decades and on their outlook for the future.

Members of the China leadership team pictured during the panel discussion

At the Gala Dinner, RGE employees who had served for over 15 years with outstanding performance ratings were granted the ‘Long Service Award’ in recognition of their contributions to the company.

RGE China long service award winners pictured with the Chairman of RGE and the Managing Director of RGE China