Strength in Diversity: RGE Companies Commemorate International Women’s Day 2019

In commemoration of International Women’s Day last week, RGE business groups APRIL and Asian Agri shared stories of female employees who have contributed in diverse ways to improving lives.

The resource manufacturing industry has traditionally been male-dominated. RGE business groups have witnessed the increased inclusion, representation and participation of women over the years coinciding with advances in sustainability, industry leadership, business expansion, research and development, and more. 

Happy International Women’s Day!

The only woman in a team overseeing plantation activities, Yani is an eight-year veteran who works with field workers managing 688 hectares daily. Read more about her story on Asian Agri.

The many faces of women in APRIL. Hear their stories on APRIL.

We have previously featured various women in APRIL who contribute to the company and industry. Here are some of them:

(turn on closed captions for English subtitles)

(turn on closed captions for English subtitles)

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Asian Agri: