Asia Symbol and Sateri Join China GoldenBee CSR 2030 Initiative

Asia Symbol and Sateri took their 5C’s business principles of creating value for the community, country, climate, customer and company to the next level with a joint announcement of their support and participation in the ‘China GoldenBee CSR 2030 Initiative’.

The RGE (Royal Golden Eagle) business groups, both winners of the prestigious GoldenBee Award for Excellent CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Report in previous years, joined this Initiative to promote the realisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs).

Taking The CSR And Sustainability Initiative

The landmark announcement took place at the 15th International CSR Forum in Beijing, China on 6 August 2020. The annual Forum brought together corporate advocates and like-minded stakeholders to elevate CSR standards and practices in China and across the globe.

With “new normal” realities created by the COVID-19 global pandemic, the “Responsibility Builds Corporate Resilience”-themed Forum served as an important platform to reimagine and refocus on the building of corporate resilience to bring CSR to greater heights. Its participants explored how “resilience” can be defined in the parallel development of corporate responsibility and sustainable business, as well as how national goals are aligned with the SDGs.

Sponsored by the China Sustainability Tribune and the United Nations Global Compact Network China, the ‘China GoldenBee CSR 2030 Initiative’ provides a platform for enterprises to share best sustainability best practices and deliver on their social responsibilities at a higher, broader and deeper level. The Forum was also co-sponsored by CSR Europe and Council for Better Corporate Citizenship, and supported by the Embassy of Sweden in China, CAAM and China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation.

“RGE’s sustainability commitments come from our belief that a company should create value for community, country, climate, customer, and the company itself,” said RGE China Deputy General Manager of Sustainability, Gary Gao, in a speech at the Forum. He later shared that the ‘China GoldenBee CSR 2030 Initiative’ has a lot in common with the UN SDGs, and this provides a strong impetus for further collaboration and concerted efforts in realising the sustainable development goals.

RGE China Sustainability Deputy General Manager Gary Gao speaks at 15th International CSR Forum

RGE China Sustainability Deputy General Manager Gary Gao speaks at 15th International CSR Forum.

2030 Goals And Sustainability Commitments

Both Asia Symbol and Sateri launched their GoldenBee CSR 2030 goals and road map at the Forum.

Asia Symbol CSR Deputy General Manager Qu Gang

Qu Gang, Asia Symbol’s CSR Deputy General Manager, unveils Asia Symbol’s 2030 Initiative goals and road map.

Asia Symbol’s “Responsible Innovation, Better Life”-themed sustainability road map contains wide-ranging commitments that support early childhood development, water security and access, and further improvements in emissions reduction.

To achieve these goals, the company – already popularly known for its strong community development and environmental stewardship – will be continue to intensify the embedding of circularity principles in its operations. Asia Symbol’s relentless pursuit of the efficient use of resources and energy involves innovation and enhancements made to various processes such as use of raw materials, product design, production and waste management. The company has also pledged to increase its use of renewable energy and clean energy.

Sateri’s 2030 Initiative road map is themed “Embracing Sustainable Fashion”. The world’s largest viscose producer aims to either meet or exceed the most stringent domestic and international standards for the industry, and become an industry leader in environmental protection. This goal is well within reach now that three of its five mills are EU-BAT (European Union’s Best Available Techniques) compliant within a short span of time. Verified by independent consultant Sustainable Textile Solutions (STS), a division of BluWin Limited (UK), the parameters of the EU-BAT BREF assessed include resource utility efficiency, wastewater discharge and air emission.

Mr Gao presents Sateri's 2030 Initiative goals and commitments

Mr Gao presents Sateri’s 2030 Initiative goals and commitments

To realise large-scale commercial mass production, Sateri also aims to have a larger proportion of recycled textile fibres in its viscose that will make it an international leader. In a follow up to the COP 21 Paris Agreement, the viscose producer will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30%, and extend this endeavour to its supply chain.

GoldenBee and CSR

There are presently 34 enterprises and 4 institutions involved in the ‘China GoldenBee CSR 2030 Initiative’, with the collective aim of raising CSR and corporate citizenship standards in China and elevating China’s global standing on sustainable development, contributing to the realization of UN SDGs.

Founded in 2003, GoldenBee (Beijing) Management Consulting, is one of the pioneer professional organisations to embrace social responsibility and sustainable development in China. Its focus areas not only include CSR and corporate citizenship, but also sustainable business and biodiversity. It established the GoldenBee platform to promote CSR and sustainable across sustainability-oriented enterprises and organisations – driving research, consulting, training and responsible brand-building services nationwide.

Asia Symbol and Sateri join the GoldenBee CSR 2030 Initiative

Asia Symbol and Sateri join the GoldenBee CSR 2030 Initiative