Bracell Group Rebrands Bahia Specialty Cellulose and Lwarcel Celulose under ‘Bracell’ Brand

At 2 million tonnes per annum by 2021, Bracell is poised to cement its place as the world’s leading and largest producer of dissolving pulp.

The Singapore-based group recently rebranded its Brazilian operations, with Bahia Specialty Cellulose (BSC) and São Paulo-based Lwarcel Celulose operating under the unified Bracell brand.

The largest private investment in São Paulo state in the last 20 years, Bracell’s R$7 billion (US$ 1.75b) investment will see its 250,000TPA Lençóis Paulista-based pulp mill expand six-fold to 1.5mTPA. The pulp mill, formerly Lwarcel Celulose, was a 31 August 2018 acquisition from the Lwart Group.

Best-in-Class: Flexibility on an Unparalleled Scale

Apart from raising Brazil’s profile in the global cellulose manufacturing market, the investment will also bring flexibility on an unparalleled scale to Bracell’s São Paulo operations. The new mill will have a flexible line designed primarily to produce dissolving pulp, but able to also produce kraft pulp. This flexibility allows Bracell to meet changes in global demand while maintaining capacity.

The use of best-in-class technology will not only incorporate the circular and closed loop bio-refinery concept to reduce waste but also help realise value across all potential streams. This is in addition to reduced water consumption, lowered emissions and elimination of use of fossil fuels in its operations.

With a strong focused on sustainability, Bracell embeds circularity in its operations. In addition to efficient water and waste management, it will return treated water to the nearby Tietê river.

Creating Employment

With the concentration of investments mainly in Lençóis Paulista and Macatuba, the expansion is expected to create employment opportunities extending to neighbouring Agudos, Areiópolis Borebi, Bauru, Pederneiras, São Manuel, Barra Bonita, Jau and Igaraçu do Tietê, and throughout the state of São Paulo.

The Lençóis Paulista pulp mill’s expansion will see up to 7,500 employed over a two-to-three year period, and a post-expansion direct permanent employment of 2,100.

The Bracell Brand

Bracell logo

Bracell’s new logo

Bracell unveiled its new logo, a subtle yet significant change from a lower case ‘b’ to a capital ‘B’, symbolising its ambition to become the largest dissolving pulp producer in the world, while representing the company’s pride in operating in Brazil to produce value-added ‘Brazilian Cellulose’.

The rebranding was punctuated with celebrations across Bracell’s operations in Camaçari, Lençóis Paulista and Alagohinas.

Managing Director Marcelo said, “We are changing the face of the cellulose industry. The Bracell operations in Bahia and São Paulo are at the heart of the cellulose chain, producing high quality raw materials which are the key ingredients used to create a range of items we use every day, around the world.”


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Relive the moments of one of Bracell’s rebranding celebrations, held in São Paulo: