RGE Statement on Sukanto Tanoto Interview | Royal Golden Eagle

In a 2011 interview that has recently been circulating on social media, Mr. Sukanto Tanoto spoke about his background and business philosophy. An article in the Indonesiana Forum drew attention to a part of that interview and regrettably took it out of context.

Fostering teamwork during one of the games at the Tanoto Scholars Gathering

In the interview, the metaphor in Mandarin used by Mr. Tanoto is an expression of humble business diplomacy, in which he conveyed his appreciation and respect of Chinese culture and values, with which he personally identifies.

Mr. Sukanto Tanoto started his business in 1967, and for almost 50 years, his business investments have been focused in Indonesia (RGE (Royal Golden Eagle)), creating more than 40,000 employment opportunities in the country. He pioneered the plywood industry in 1973, creating domestic value-added wood products in place of raw log exports. He later supported the Indonesian government’s smallholder transmigration PIR-Trans programme, partnering with 29,000 palm oil smallholders in Riau in 1987, and rolling out many initiatives to help alleviate poverty (Asian Agri). Mr. Tanoto then built the world’s largest integrated pulp and paper industry in Pangkalan Kerinci village in 1994, bringing economic growth to a remote area while introducing responsible and sustainable land management practices in the country (APRIL (Asia Pacific Resources International Holdings Limited)). Pangkalan Kerinci continues to flourish economically in light of his decades-long commitment to supporting infrastructure development in the area, including the building of 2,600 km of roads.

Mr and Mrs Sukanto Tanoto (middle in white top) with Tanoto Scholars and Anderson Tanoto

The Tanoto Foundation was started in 1981 as Mr. Sukanto Tanoto’s philanthropic arm, in his home province of North Sumatra. It seeks to reduce poverty through education, empowerment, and enhancement of quality of life.. As one of the largest scholarship providers in Indonesia, the Tanoto Foundation has contributed 150 billion rupiah to the cause of poverty alleviation in Indonesia in the last three years. (www.tanotofoundation.org).

Kerinci in 1993 and 2013. RGE companies are community-minded and continue to to play their role in improving infrastructure and developing communities, infrastructure and the local economy.

Kerinci in 1993 and 2013.

Mr. Sukanto Tanoto’s commitment to invest in Indonesia continues well into the future. At present, he is completing a 4 trillion rupiah investment for the construction of a third paper mill to bolster Indonesia’s value-added paper products. He is also taking part to support the Indonesian energy security agenda, by constructing a one-million tons biodiesel facility and 20 biogas power plants in Riau province.