Woodfibre LNG Meets Community during Open Houses

BC Environment Assessment Office (EAO) held Open Houses in January 28–30 2015 as part of the 45-day Public Comment Period on the Environmental Assessment Certificate (EAC) application for the Woodfibre LNG Project, a subsidiary of Pacific Oil & Gas.

The open houses were organised over three days in Squamish, West Vancouver and on Bowen Island. More than 400 people from the respective communities met members of the Woodfibre LNG team to learn, enquire and provide feedback on the Woodfibre LNG project’s EAC application.

Woodfibre LNGEAC application

The EAC application involves environmental and socio-economic studies conducted by experts engaged by Woodfibre LNG. The methodology considers existing conditions and assesses potential construction and operation related effects of the project. The application also takes into account any project related effects and benefits, as well as the proposed mitigation measures.

The Woodfibre LNG project will create at least 650 jobs per year during construction and about 100 jobs during operation. Woodfibre LNG is also dedicated to helping the community in the areas of sport, arts, culture, and heritage through active engagement and financial support for community-focused events.

The community has till 9 March 2015 to submit their questions and comments, after which a formal review will be completed by the EAO. Following that, a decision on the granting of the environmental certificates made by the federal and provincial ministers.

Community and Environment

Woodfibre has committed to run its proposed liquefaction project off electric power. This decision was made in close consultation with the community in 2014.

As opposed to the alternative of using gas turbines drives for the main refrigerant compressors, using electric drives reduces the potential greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) by approximately 80 per cent.

Woodfibre LNG is committed to developing a project that provides sustained socio-economic benefits for Squamish BC and the surrounding areas.


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