Belinda Tanoto: An Early Start on Indonesia’s Human Capital Development

Tanoto Foundation’s Board of Trustees Member Belinda Tanoto penned an article on human capital development which was published in the Jakarta Post on 10 May 2019. Primarily focussed on early childhood education and development as a key component of human capital development, her article contextualises the early childhood development landscape, its challenges, and echoes calls for diverse multi-disciplinary participation in supporting national efforts in building human capital.

Having recently rebranded, the Tanoto Foundation has renewed and ramped up its commitment to enhancing capacities and improving lives. Based on the belief that quality education accelerates equal opportunity, the Tanoto Foundation has focus areas in building learning environments, developing future leaders and supporting medical research.

An integral portion of building conducive and empowering learning environments, early childhood education and development features as one of the Foundation’s cornerstone projects. It involves many collaborators from state, non-government, private sector, educational and research circles.

Earlier iterations of the programmes were developed and implemented in and around RGE companies’ operation areas, because of a shared 5 C’s principles across the group of companies – to do what is good for the community, country, climate, customer and company.

From the humble opening of a kindergarten in rural Besitang in 1981, to a range of initiatives comprising programmes and infrastructural development today, Tanoto Foundation’s efforts in the early childhood development aspect of human capital development continue to grow. This is demonstrated through programmes such as SIGAP in Indonesia, HOPE in China, and the Tanoto Foundation Centre for CHaMP in Singapore.

Based on the needs of the respective geographies, these different programmes focus on access to quality education, building informed engaged parenting, and advancing early childhood development capabilities and capacities; providing data, evidence and learning points for future iterations to better serve the development needs of the community.

Ms Tanoto’s opinion piece may be found on Tanoto Foundation and The Jakarta Post.