RGE Bankers’ Forum 2019

RGE held its inaugural Bankers’ Forum on 24 May 2019 at the Fullerton Hotel in Singapore, welcoming almost 200 stakeholders from more than 50 financial institutions for a morning of dialogue and sharing. It was the first of its kind at the RGE group level, following business group-level engagements.

Attendees of the invite-only RGE Bankers’ Forum 2019 had the opportunity to hear from and directly engage with RGE’s senior management including Vice-Chairman Bey Soo Khiang, President Tey Wei Lin and Director Anderson Tanoto. They were joined by business group executives such as APRIL Group’s President Praveen Singhavi, Asian Agri’s Managing Director Kelvin Tio, and Pacific Oil & Gas’ President Ratnesh Bedi.

RGE President Tey Wei Lin delivers an update on the global operations of RGE companies.

The event opened with two presentations from Mr Tey and Mr Bey, who respectively delivered updates on the business and sustainability fronts. Mr Tey provided an overview of the group’s 2018 performance and 2019 outlook. He not only highlighted RGE’s global presence and growth, but also its diversification and application of value-adding strategies. RGE as a group has doubled its assets in the span of 10 years, while its business groups have maintained cost competitiveness.

Mr Bey presented the group’s sustainability policies and their implementation, in addition to touching on the relevance of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) to the business philosophy of RGE companies. The SDGs, he shared, provided a framework and common language for RGE companies to realise our 5C’s principles, that is to do what is good for the community, country, climate, customer, and only then will that be good for the company. Mr Bey continued with examples on how sustainability remains embedded in the groups’ operations, in the form of operational circularity and efficiency, as well as driving ecorestoration projects.

The presentations were followed by an engaging panel discussion and Q&A session, in which the executives shared with financial stakeholders in attendance many updates on the group of companies, before fielding questions on growth and digital transformation.

The sharing and exchange had a common thread that touched on the group’s growth and how it remains supported by diversification, strengthening vertical integration across value chains, strategic management of risks, and a steadfast commitment to digital transformation and alignment with best practices.

Also spotlighted was the group’s added focus on biodegradable viscose rayon, clean energy and vertical integration, which represented the group’s longitudinal outlook in meeting consumer demand in a global market that increasingly prioritises sustainability. Attendees then learned how RGE companies remain competitive in their respective industries and how the group plans to strategically grow its operations in Indonesia, China, Brazil and Canada.

RGE is pleased to have received positive feedback from our financial stakeholders, many of whom were appreciative of the group-level engagement.

The Forum provided its attendees a combination of strategy, values and proof points to demonstrate how RGE continues to be a leading group of resource-based manufacturing companies whose products touch lives everywhere every day.