APRIL Group Announces Sustainable Forest Management Policy 2.0 (SFMP 2.0)

APRIL Group has introduced new measures to ensure deforestation is completely eliminated from its supply chain through its Sustainable Forest Management Policy (SFMP) 2.0 which represents a renewed commitment to long-term sustainability of forest in Indonesia.

SFMP 2.0: A Major Step

SFMP 2.0 signing ceremony with RAPP President Director Tony Wenas, APRIL Group President Praveen Singhavi, SAC Chairman Joe Lawson and RGE Director Anderson Tanoto

SFMP 2.0 signing ceremony with APRIL Group Indonesia Operations Managing Director Tony Wenas, APRIL Group President Praveen Singhavi, SAC Chairman Joe Lawson and RGE Director Anderson Tanoto

The Policy marks a major step in APRIL Group’s 15-year commitment to sustainability. APRIL Group:

  • Will not undertake any new development on forested land or forested peatland
  • Has added High Carbon Stock (HCS) assessments to existing High Conservation Value (HCVF) assessments
  • Reinforces unprecedented landscape conservation that will deliver conservation areas equal in size to its 480,000 ha of plantation; 70% already completed
  • Strengthens peatland management with establishment of Peat Expert Working Group (PEWG); will track and report carbon footprint
  • Enhances programmes for poverty alleviation, job creation, access to education and Free, Prior, Informed Consent rights for local communities
  • Strengthens cooperation with NGOs
APRIL Group Executives with SFMP 2.0

From left to right: APRIL Group Chairman Bey Soo Khiang, WWF Indonesia GTFN manager Aditya Bayunanda, Sustainable Forest Management Ministry of Environment and Forestry Director General Ida Bagus Putera Parthama, APRIL Indonesia Operations Managing Director Tony Wenas, APRIL Group President Praveen Singhavi, Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) Chairman Joseph Lawson, RGE Director Anderson Tanoto, Greenpeace Indonesia Forest Campaign Global Head Bustar Maitar, SAC member Al Azhar.

APRIL Group’s President, Praveen Singhavi shares his thoughts on the announcement:

This is about elimination of deforestation from our supply chain and builds on our longstanding commitment to conservation. We are delivering on conservation, social and economic benefits for Indonesia and a sustainable future for the company and our customers.

APRIL SFMP Stakeholder Advisory Committee in 2014 with Joe Lawson

APRIL’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) Chairman Joe Lawson with fellow SAC members.

Joe Lawson, APRIL Group’s Stakeholder Advisory Committee (SAC) Chairman:

We welcome the inputs to this policy from a broad range of stakeholders. APRIL Group has made significant progress. The SAC will continue to ensure APRIL Group’s practices on the ground match its policy commitments.

SFMP 2.0 consolidates measures for monitoring and verifying policy adherence, with regular progress reports and third party review of its implementation. It is also aligned with RGE’s (Royal Golden Eagle) overarching conservation commitment, spelt out in RGE’s Sustainability Framework for its forestry, fibre, pulp and paper companies.  


NGOs Welcome SFMP 2.0

SFMP 2.0 is well-received and is seen by NGOs as a major step towards protecting Indonesia’s rainforests and peatlands. Greenpeace Forest Campaign in Indonesia Head Bustar Maitar commended APRIL Group for ending deforestation, and that the commitment is “the way forward for plantation companies in Indonesia.” World Wildlife Fund (WWF) also welcomed the SFMP 2.0, which it sees as an “encouraging step along the pathway towards responsible and sustainable production.”